The Angel That
Broke My Heart

How Could An Angel Break My Heart

I heard he sang a lullaby
I heard he sang it from his heart
When I found out thought I would die
Because that lullaby was mine
I heard he sealed it with a kiss
He gently kissed her cherry lips
I found that so hard to believe
Because his kiss belonged to me

How could an angel break my heart
Why didn't he catch my falling star
I wish I didn't wish so hard
Maybe I wished our love apart
How could an angel break my heart

I hear here face was white as rain
Soft as a rose that blooms in May
He keeps her picture in a frame
And when he sleeps he calls her name
I wonder if she makes him smile
The way he used to smile at me
I hope she doesn't make him laugh
Because his laugh belongs to me

Oh my soul is dying, it's crying
I'm trying to understand
Please help me

Toni Braxton

I Learned From the Best
Album: My Love Is Your Love
Written by: Diane Warren

Did you really think that
I would really take you back
Let you back in my heart one more time
Ohh. No. No.
Did you think that I’d still care
That there’d be more feeling there
Did you think you could walk back in my life.
So you found you miss the love you threw away.
Baby but you found it out too late.
Too Late.

And so now you know the way it feels to cry
The way that I cried when you broke my world in two.
Baby I learned the way to break a heart
I learned from the best.
I learned from you.
Oh baby now.
I learned from you
I remember cold nights
Tears I though would never dry
How you shattered my world
With your goodbye.Your goodbye baby
Would’ve sold my soul then.
Just to have you back again
Now you’re the last thing on my mind.
Now you say your sorry and
You’ve changed your ways
Sorry but you changed you ways too late.

So when all you’ve got are sleepless nights
When those tears are clouding up your eyes
Just remember it

My Dear Terry: I don't know if you will ever read this, But this is
my way of saying good-bye to you.
You will never know just how much I loved you
and the time that we shared, will not easily be
erased from our minds. After all, you are the one
that said Her and I were alot alike.

When you are holding her do you ever think of me?
When you kiss her do you think of me?
When you snuggle up to her in your bed,
will you think of me?

Do you remember our rides to watch the sunsets?
You showed me the beauty in life.
Do you remember the parks, and the fountains?
we were like High School kids all over again

For every new sunset, there will be a new sunrise,
a new day dawning, a new challenge.
Will she challenge you my dear?
Will she fulfill your needs?
will she make you happy?

I hope that your Wedding on Valentine's Day
is all that you hope it would be.
And I hope that you truly are happy with her
and that you two can remain true to each other
You have already burned the bridges to our friendship
but my side of the bridge is still in tact.

You will always be an angel to me,
an a friend.
Good Bye My Love