What My Words Could Never Say

What My Words Could Never Say

In the garden of my heart,
Lord, you placed a tiny seed;
And the faith that grew from it
Was a gift from You to me.

The wonder of Your love
Is such a mystery to me;
For I will never understand
What You ever saw in me.

Lord, I fail so many times,
Yet You always stay by me;
And when I stumble in my walk,
You come and set me on my feet.

So where do I begin?
Are there any words to say
How You've changed my life so much
And made me new in every way?

No, I'll never find the words,
I must choose another way;
So I'll show You with my life
What my words could never say.

Shared by Chris38kl

Waiting On The Lord

When prayers aren't answered,
quickly or right away,
just ask the Lord, to reveal to you,
the reason for His delay.

If the answer for that request
just seems to take too long,
Just lift up your hands
and praise Him,
with a glorious new song.

Just wait on the Lord,
and try to be still, 'Cause your request may not be
in God's will,

If that is the case,
just praise him again,
He won't steer you wrong
'cause he's your friend.

Maybe you'll learn patience,
a little trust too.
Or maybe your motives
you'll need to review.

Ask him for an answer,
the way he sees fit.
But don't lose hope
and don't you quit.

The answer can be revealed
in a miraculous way
So, be prepared to listen
to what he has to say!

The answer will bring Him
honor and glory,
and then you'll be able to tell
your story.

Minister to those
who did lose hope,
who were looking for answers
on how to cope!

~Author Unknown~

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