A very large part of what I am
And what I can hope to be
Can be found in the fact that You are here
And in lessons that You've taught me.

You taught me to listen
You taught me to care.
You taught me to laugh and to love
And to share.

You taught me I am never defeted
'Til I give up and no longer try.
You taught me to know that one man's joy
Is another mans reason to cry.

You taught me that no one is perfect -
That no one always wins.
That everyone falls short sometimes
And everybody sins.

You taught me that You are always here
That You care when I feel pain.
You taught me that there, within every loss,
Lie the seeds of a much greater gain.

I remember the day I first reached out to You
And I felt my torment end.
I will always be grateful, always give thanks
To Friend

Angels Hugging Angels

Have you ever found a friend
that just touches you deep inside
You feel a special bond that you simply cannot hide
You give them a piece of your heart, a view of what
you are Sometimes they live close to you,
sometimes they live too far.

It really doesn't matter, you were friends from the
start Soon you realize their memory is a piece of your
heart You feel like they're an angel,
placed here just for you You are always amazed at the
sweet things that they do.

You don't have to see them or talk to them every day
To know that God has sent them in His own special way
How else could you explain, this friendship and deep
love It must be an angel, sent from heaven above.

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