So many people try to hide their pain,
pretending that if they don't talk about
their worries and fears
then they don't really exist.

There are people who smile on the outside,
making light and carefree conversations
to prevent their intimate emotions
from being exposed.

Their personal doubts and insecurities
travel uninvited across their minds,
haunting them in the daylight
and tormenting them in the night.

It is a terrible burden to bear
to always question yourself
and feel as if no one understands you.
Let your self-doubts vanish into the shadows;
show your true spirit to everyone you meet.

All people must travel through life
not as one alone, but as a caravan of people
who will each experience their own set
of circumstances.

Your life is everything that encircles you,
and it's important
not to judge yourself critically
but to understand yourself,
not to restrict your emotions
but to express them,
not to limit yourself
but to search out every new horizon.

There are too many people
trying to be somebody else.
Isn't it time to be who you are,
and isn't it time to feel good about yourself?