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By Jennifer Kimball & Tom Kimmel
From the album, Along the Road
by Susan Ashton,
Margaret Becker and Christine Denté

The touch of His hand will let me know
He takes me in and lets me go
If not for love, who would believe?
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done,
in you and me We're lifted up by angels
To understand, yet never say
How every plan would fade away
If not for love, where would we be?
Ashes to dust, water to rust, eternally
We're lifted up by angels
Higher than the world
Strong enough to leave it
Bound to learn the secrets
Angels never hear
Close enough to heaven
Far above the rain
Darkness cannot reach
us Let the angels teach us
Only love remains
We're lifted up by angels
Given wings to fly
Leave the night behind us
Trust the light to find us
Even as we rise
We're lifted up by angels
We're close enough to heaven
Far above the rain
Darkness cannot reach us
Let the angels teach us
Only love remains
We're lifted up by angels.

Heaven's Grocery Store
author unknown

I was walking down life's highway a long time ago.
One day I saw a sign that read,
As I got a little closer the door came open wide,
and when I came to myself I was standing inside.
I saw a host of ANGELS.
They were standing everywhere.
One handed me a basket and said,
"My Child shop with care".
Everything a Christian needed was
in that grocery store.
And all you couldn't carry,
you could come back the next day for more.
First, I got some PATIENCE:
LOVE was in the same row.
Further down was UNDERSTANDING:
you need that everywhere you go.
I got a box or two of WISDOM,
a bag or two of FAITH.
I just couldn't miss the HOLY GHOST,
for He was all over the place.
I stopped to get some STRENGTH
and COURAGE to help me run this race.
By then my basket was getting full,
but I remembered I needed some GRACE.
I didn't forget SALVATION,
for SALVATION was free,
so I tried to get enough of that
to save both you and me.
Then I started up to the counter
to pay my grocery bill,
for I thought I had everything to do
the MASTER'S will.
As I went up the aisle, I saw PRAYER:
and I just had to put that in,
for I knew when I stepped outside,
I would run into sin.
PEACE AND JOY were plentiful;
they were last on the shelf.
SONG and PRAISE were hanging near,
so I just helped myself.
Then I said to the angel,
"Now, how much do I owe?"
He smiled and said,
"Just take them everywhere you go."
Again, I smiled and said,
"How much do I really owe?"
He smiled again and said,

All Through The Night
~author unknown~

Sleep, my child and peace attend thee,
All Through the Night.
Guardian angels God will send Thee
All Through the night.
Soft the drowsy hours are creeping
Hill and vale in slumber sleeping;
God His loving vigil keeping
All Through the Night.

Garden of Liquid Flowers

Rain falls like a garden of liquid flowers,
Dancing on the ground.
Fallen leafs leave naked trees,
And silence quietly steps in.
But in the stillness of the darkening hour,
Footsteps softly come close.
And I know He's coming to save me,
From the cold grip of my fear.
Whatever makes Him love me like He does,
I guess this I'll never know.
But the still, quiet footsteps of my LORD,
Never cease to be my guide.
When the rain falls like a garden of liquid flowers,
And life quietly steps in.

by Lisa Boyd

Music is well said to be the speech of angels.
Thomas Carlyle

Whenever you hear music,
It is an Angel
Speaking to your heart.

~ Unknown by me ~

All that I am, or hope to be,
I owe to my angel mother.

~ Abraham Lincoln~

A perfect woman, nobly planned,
To warn, to comfort, and command;
And yet a Spirit still, and bright
with something of angelic light.

~ William Wadsworth Longfellow ~

Unless you can love as the Angels may,
With breadth of Heaven betwixt you;
Unless you can dream that his faith is fast,
Unless you can die when the dream is past,
Oh, never call it loving!

~ Robert Browning ~

Good-night, sweet prince,
and flights of angels
sing thee to thy rest!

~ William Shakespeare ~

Someday I'll Know
by: Cora Eelman

They come and go, more quickly than
I'd really like, you know.
Sometimes I know their names,
But mostly, when I'd least expect,
they go.
Sometimes they hug me tight,
silent, but so loving as I cry,
and I go on again,
strengthened when I thought
I'd only die.
Sometimes they rush into my life,
bumping me, pushing,
and I see another way.
It's only when they're gone,
And the light from their fair lantern
lingers on,
I wonder, where I would have been
this day?
Are these chance meetings -- fate --
or can it be
These are the angels God as promised me?
Are these friends -- or angels -- is it so?
Maybe not today,
Someday I'll know!

This Angel is a portion of a
painting by Kevin Roeckl(c)

What Would You Do If Jesus Came?
Author Unknown

Would you have to change your clothes
before you let Him in?
Or hide some magazines,
and put the Bible where they'd been?

Would you hide your worldly music
and put some hymn books out?
Could you let Jesus walk right in,
or would you rush about?

And I wonder..if the Savior
spent a day or two with you,
Would you go right on doing,
the things you always do?

Would you go right on saying,
the things you always say?
Or would life for you continue
as it does from day to day?

Would you take Jesus with you everywhere you go?
Or would you maybe change your
plans for just a day or so?

Would you be glad to have Him
meet your closest friends?
Or would you hope they stay away
until His visit ends?

Would you be glad to have Him
stay forever on and on?
Or would you sigh with great relief
when He at last was gone?

It might be interesting to know,
the things that you would do,
If Jesus came in person,
to spend some time with you.

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