Believe in Angels

Believe In Angels

There's an angel
always by your side.

Whether male or female,
it's there to be your guide.

It rejoices with each sunrise,
the beginning of each day,
knowing that you're safe, indeed,
for in God's hands you stay.

And when the evening comes
and the darkness makes its cover,
your angel settles
in the coming night
and above your head it hovers.

Believe in angels...
you have your very own,
because you are God's special child
and you'll never be alone.

by Barbara Cage

*~*~ The Angel Within ~*~*

Inside all of us,
there lies an Angel within.
He or She it matters not.

The Angel is where we all begin,
God has instructed our Angel to serve and protect,
But it is up to us to heed It's advice.

For if we are blind to It's teachings,
We have only ourselves to blame in retrospect.

Sometimes we may not like what It says,
Because the Truth often hurts.

Yet, if we remember the Angel's purpose,
The wounds heal quickly,
And our Protector helps change our ways.

Listen to the Voice within......
And when you next look in the mirror,
The Angel will be smiling back,
No longer confined within.

~K. Senzapaura