Heavens Song

Heaven's Song

May the music of the heavens,
Dance around you in the air;
May the peace of God the father,
Keep your heart and soul from care.
May each step that you are taking,
Be paved with great success;
And behind each door you open,
There be love and happiness.
May the gift of true contentment,
Glow like sunlight on your face;
May the angels sing into your life,
A song of God's own grace.
And everywhere you travel,
Each path that you walk on;
May the Father's love shine forth from you,
In each note of every song.
May angels keep guard over you,
As you walk along lifes way;
And may your life be truly blessed,
As you start this brand new day.

Allison Chambers Coxsey c1999


There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer;
no disease that enough love will not heal,
no door that enough love will not open;
no gulf that enough love will not bridge;
no wall that enough love will not throw down;
no sin that enough love will not redeem.
It makes no difference how
deeply seated may be the trouble,
how hopeless the outlook,
how muddled the tangle,
how great the mistake.
A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all.
If only you could love enough you would be the
happiest and most powerful being in the world.

Emmet Fox

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