Don't Tell Me I Am Poor
I Am Not Poor

The other day someone said,
I am poor!!
Oh, how wrong they are!
I have the things a truly need.
They live in a big house,
And I have the shelter that I need.
I can only use so much room to live.
They have wonderful cars,
I have one that works and can only drive one at a time.
They have beautiful furniture,
But I can only sit in one chair at a time.
They wear expensive clothes,
I am happy with what I have.
They take long and distant trips.
I can travel near by and be fulfilled.
They always have to be entertained,
I can entertain myself.
They have wonderful jewels,
My jewels are my friends and family.
They sometimes look down on me,
I don't have time for such pettiness.
They live in a world that is not real and pretend,
And they miss knowing wonderful people.
They sometimes feel sorry for me,
Oh this is such a waste of time.
I know what is important in life.
They need all the money in the world
I can live on very little and enjoy more.
I take the time to see the little things in life.
They live each day in a hurried pace to get things done.
I take each day and take my time and enjoy what it has to give me.
They bought a new house today,
And I found a new friend.
Ah, so don't tell me I am Poor!
"Poor" is in your mind.

by Mary Pulsipher

Art work Copyrightę by