Luvzbluez True Believers Award Winners

To my first winner, Mr. Denny Lancaster.
Denny encouraged me to get involved, and has helped
me every step of the way. His encouragement, and
words of wisdom, have helped me along the way. Please
check out his site, it is truly marvelous.....

My Second Winner of my True Believers Award
goes to Clara. This woman has enough compassion
to fill the whole world. Her sight is totally filled
with love. Please take a few minutes and go by
her site and sign her guestbook.

The third winner of my True Believers Award goes to my
"kindred spirit". Judy has touched my heart in many
different ways and a internet friend that I will have
for a life time. Judy was given this award for
her true belief in Angels. Her site is a must see

Diana is my fourth winner of the True Believers Award
Her belief in Angels, Faires, and prevention
of Child Abuse, is a prime example of what a
True Believer is all about.

Few Sites come along that touch my heart and soul.
But Zulaikah site has done just that.
It is with great honor that I presented her with
my version of the "True Believers Award"
Her site comes directly from the heart and soul
From her support groups, to her poetry,
it will lift your spirits, and help you understand
more the depths of Child Abuse.

Congratulations Zulaikah!!
Awarded on 10/29/2000

True Believers Award
given on 2/3/2001
Congratulations Diva Pickles

Welcome to FaeSpirit's World
A world of enchantment, and warmth
Congratulations goes to you on a
True Believers Site
Awarded in April of 2001

Visit Tyren at Fae Spirits
They are a True Believer Award Winner

The Way of the Wizard

"Those who believe wizards began with Merlin and ended with Oz
will be astounded and delighted by the journey that lies
before them. Author/illustrator Tom Cross throws open the
portal to a land of enchantment that we mortals have
scarcely glimpsed.
Congratulations Tom on receiving the True Believers Award
On October 9, 2001

Come to Bernie's Place for a
Wee bit of an Ireland Adventure
True Believers Award given on
October 09, 2001
Congratulations Bernie.

Come see the mythical lands therein under a golden sky;
Step through the rainbow gateway and you'll learn quickly why --
Fairy folk abound here, me late mum one did be;
Well-liked, well-known that she was (for she was royalty!).

But, me Da (father) he was a leprechaun and a rather uncouth sort;
And mum's folks did not approve of a wing-less, drunken consort --
For their daughter, but they didnae know that Da too had a crown;
Professing him the Leprechaun King, a title handed down

From me Gran-Da, and his Da before him (and so on, and so on, and so);
Until the day that his time came and to me the crown did go.
But, no -- oh, no -- no king be i, a prince i happily be;
Until the day when all is good, when i marry my lady.

Congratulations to Kale (HRH Cian, the Leprechaun Prince)
True Believers Award given on 2/24/2002

Awarded to Bejon on April 24, 2002

Welcome to Bejon's Haven, take a trip around her site
and explore the many realms she has to offer
Bejon is also a Fellow WOSIB
Women of Strength and Inner Beauty

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