Women of the Net, who have created a website with love, compassion, and understanding. Have given something of themselves to others. Shared experiences, and hope. Has Belief in herself as a major contributor to the cyber world.

Her website will not now, or ever, be linked to, nor contain any prejudicial, offensive, illegal, or pornographic material!

A Diva is always willing to share ideas and her philosophies, while maintaining other's rights to their individuality. She will welcome the insight of other Divas and ponder their perspectives with consideration, and a possible lesson to a higher growth for her own thoughts.

A Diva will always strive to shed peace and love throughout the internet community. She will abide by the pledge of the Divas at all times.

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*Diva Teena*


I will help to eliminate conflicts as they arise with an open mind and heart.

I will abide by all final decisions of the Executive.

I will at all times consider myself worthy of respect and love.

I will set realistic goals for myself as well as other Divas.

I will lend a helping hand when needed.

I will not alter the Diva Logo in anyway.

I will not give out the password to the private pages of the Divas to anyone.

I will be an Active "Diva of the Net" and whatever committee of the Divas I am a member.

I will join a committee.

The Committee's that I'm involved with

Here are some of the Wonderful Welcome Gifts
that I received from the different committees
within the "Diva" domain.
Thank you Ladies, you have warmed my heart

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