1. Pick 25 words from the list of 50
2. Send them to Teena

Bingo will begin on September 5
I will draw 3 words a day until somebody bingo's
all participants will receive graphic for playing

First person to Shout Bingo will win a Bingo Graphic
(in case of tie, the person's email sent first and received will be declared the winner

And since this month was so exciting,
and went down to the very last word

And 2nd Place goes to:

Don't Forget to check out BINGO for October

Words are taken from the September Calendar of Events
and other things that take place in September

Check back everyday after September 5th

words drawn will be highlighted
So make sure you book mark this page and come back often

August Winners

2nd Place Winner

Okay here is the list of words
Remember pick 25 words,
and send Teena a copy of the words you picked

1. September
2. First Day of Fall
3. Classical Music
4. Square Dancing
5. Little League
6. Honey
7. Good Manner's
8. Labor Day
9. Emma M Nutt Day
10. Blueberry Popsicle
11. Barkley
12. Uncle Sam
13. Newspaper
14. Be late for something
15. Cheese Pizza
16. Proscratanation
17. Read a Book
18. Grandparent's
19. Grandma Moses
20. Literacy
21. Pardon Day
22. Teddy Bear
23. Swap Ideas
24. Make your Bed
25. Emergency
26. No News
27. Good News
28. Chocolate Shake
29. Anthem
30. Pet's
31. Peanuts
32. Superstitions
33. Positive Thinking
34. Cream Filled Donut
35. Mexican Indpendence Day
36. Hat Day
37. J R R Tolkien
38. Rocks
39. Mayflower
40. Women's Friendship
41. Cinnamon Raisin
42. Kids Day
43. Apple Dumplings
44. Peace Day
46. Butterscotch Pudding
47. Play doh
48. Oktoberfest
49. Comic Books
50. Thank you

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