1. Pick 25 words from the list of 50
2. Send them to Teena

Bingo will begin on October 3, 2003
I will draw 3 words a day until somebody bingo's
all participants will receive graphic for playing

First person to Shout Bingo will win a Bingo Graphic
(in case of tie, the person's email sent first and received will be declared the winner

Words are taken from the October Calendar of Events
and other things that take place in October

Check back everyday after October 3rd

So make sure you book mark this page and come back often

Okay here is the list of words
Remember pick 25 words,
and here is the TWIST
out of the 25 words you pick, pick 1 word
if you Bingo with that word, you will
recieve a special surprise
now send Teena a copy of the words you picked

The words will be added daily to the list that have been drawn
check back every day to see the updates

Is anybody close yet???

1. October
2. Breast Cancer
3. Cookie
4. Domestic Violence
5. Lupus
6. Mental Illness
7. Pizza
8. Popcorn
10. Vegetarians
11. Elderly
12. Walt Disney
13. Peanuts
14. Goblins
15. Ghosts
16. Captain Kangaroo
17. Witches
18. monsters
19. Munchies
20. Smiles
21. Teachers
22. Yom Kippur
23. Cats
24. Depression
25. Moon
26. Children's Day
27. Columbus Day
28. Boss's Day
29. Mammograms
30. Sweetest Day
31. Internet Day
32. United Nations
33. Daylight Standard
34. Make a Difference
35. orange
36. Tricks
37. Apples
38. Candy Corn
39. War of the Worlds
40. superstitions
41. Divas Witch Hunt
42. Pumpkins
43. candles
44. brooms
45. Scary
46. Costumes
47. Boys
48. Girls
49. Treats
50. Halloween

Created for: Diva of the Net