Diva of the Net Halloween Witch Hunt Rules

Rules for Hiding your Witch.

Take the Diva of the Net Witch, hide it on your site and send the url to Teena. She will then send you the url you are to link your witch too.

In order to make sure hunting Divas will not be on your site for days, you must hide your Witch in one of three places on your site. You may hide her on your Diva Pages or Your Halloween Pages. If you do not have either of the above pages please stay within the first 20 pages of your site..

Rules for finding Diva Witches.

Make a list of the url's for all Witches you find.
There are 19 witches in all
Once you have them all, send to Teena, She will then send you the url to the site where the Haunted House
is hidden. First one to send in the url for the Haunted House takes the prize.

You cannot find the site where the Haunted House is hidden until you find all the Witches so be sure to find them all.

One of the witches is linked back to this page so If you find youself back on this page without 19 url's then you have missed some and must hunt again

Congratulations goes to :Diva Judy

2nd Place goes to Diva Peggy Congratulations

3rd Place goes to Diva Lady Gator Congratulations