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"Wisps of Smoke"

With help from Rob S. Rice

Wherefore have I been plagued with lofty dreams
so often looming far beyond my reach
They never will be true it sometimes seems
and sorrow grinds my heart and spawns a breach
It felt at times a foolish child's desire
to feel the rush of wind beneath my wings,
to challenge the Sun's fervour with my fire
and roar the chorus that the dragon sings
Is it too much to hope that someday I
through some means as yet unbeknownst may soar
perchance to join the ones who rule the sky
and live with them as brother evermore?
I grow e'er certain that there is a way
which I will search for past my dying day...

(Note: The Author is Jonathan Martin)

Dragon's Prayer

O Lord, who made the dragon,
and the dragon's open sky,
And gave to me a dragon's soul;
a dragon's urge to fly--
Let me dance within your cloudscapes
far beyond Earth's chain,
Let me rejoice in my grandeur,
let me not grow vain!

Let me vindicate my honor
with my fang and claw,
Let my raging heart show mercy,
let that show no flaw!

Let me have the joy of all
the shining gold I've stored,
Let no pauper-dragon go forth
starving from my hoard.
And, Lord, should the need arise
and I be called to fight,
Dragon-Maker, make me victor,
and, God--help that knight!

Note: The Author is Dr. Thomas Venturer, a pseudonym)

Only the Dragon Can Weep
By Tserisa

He spread great wings to shield her body
From the rain that fell like tears,
He stood by the body of his fallen mate
Of over a hundred years,
Her golden scales, dulling,
her eyes forever closed,
Her wings forever folded,
Her body still and cold.

The black dragon raised his elegant head
To heavy unforgiving clouds,
The rain fell down his scales in rivulets
As he voiced his sadness aloud.

His voice was akin to thunder
And he breathed fire towards the sky,
In sorrow and in mourning,
For his mate that died.

And tears flowed from his blood-red eyes
And mingled with the rain,
His eyes were clouded over
From his eternal pain.

The elements were summoned
For with him to mourn
The winds raged, the rain poured,
Brought by vicious storms...
And with wings that shrouded night in velvet,
He left her body forever,
To soar the skys that'd keep him,
Until once again they were together.

And the silent dragon tears
Flowed down his scaled cheek,
And forever he would mourn her,
As only the dragon can weep.

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