Dragons Home

Freedom comes when the mind is free.
Free from work, free from reality,
The mind soars to new heights and places.
This is where we live.
Reality can not comprehend us,
We go beyond the laws of physics,
The impossible is possible,
And knowledge is meaningless.
Few people know of us,
Yet all are able to see us.
We're in the books, in the art,
In buildings and other things.
Seek us, and you will find us,
Not in reality, but in your heart.


I hear his soul crying out in the darkness
searching for the mate of his dreams
And my heart is saddened at his lonliness
I hear his soul crying out once again
searching for companions to share
And I turn to him joyfully, embracing

I hear his soul questing for understanding
wrestling with the great unknown questions
And I share his search with my own
I hear his soul's laughter, loud and long
shining out at the world in merriment
And I am comforted in what I hear
I have heard but a small part of his soul
yet have I grown thereby in wonder
And been glad to call him friend and kin

Copyright c1995 Terry Schorer/Quelonzia

Moon Dancer

Slow, senuous and silent,
I fly in ambience.

Moonlight reflecting off my midnight scales,
As I sing the Moon's sad tale.

Pale beautiful moon,
Coming and going much too soon.

We are misunderstood, you and I,
And it's been so long, that we don't ask why.

My place is by your side in the dark;
Behind the clouds and sky, like a watermark.

We sing peacefully together our melancholic songs,
Of our memories that's kept us company for so long.

Midnight black except for my pearlescent eyes,
I fly with you and the stars
that light up the night skies.

Until we are overshadowed by the pernicious Sun,
Let us enjoy our company,
and share our sadness with everyone.

Quang Lai
(Aug. 8/95)

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