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The Birth of the Dragon

The earth shakes,
the sun rolls,
and in the heavens above,
the moon quakes,
the the stars stroll,
like they're in love,
because this day,
born on the earth,
a dragon is calling its name.
And in some way,
at its birth,
eternity shakes for a day...
This is a dragon,
a creature of fire and of steel,
a beast of bright wisdom,
a beast of a flagon
of brimming hope that I feel,
of mastery in magedom,
of truth and of fire in its heart,
Eternity within us
shows us the way to embrace the day,
it is the dragon's start.
And all around us,
we see evil fall away.

Note: The Author is Eric Hansen/AtlQuotl)

What is a dragon?

A dragon is a force of nature,
diving through elemental time,
a dragon lives in silent hours,
living in tapestries of rhyme,
a dragon sings eternal songs,
a dragon reads the words of right,
a dragon fights to right all wrongs,
and to hold back eternal night,
a dragon lives to fight for beauty,
soaring free into the sky,
a dragon feels the call of duty,
even when they know they will die.

A dragon burns the soul with anguish,
a dragon fills the heart with light,
a dragon heals all those that languish,
and shows the blind true sight.
These dragons are not found,
though their words ring free,
from sky to ground,
from forest to tree,
They are the dancers,
the walkers of stars,
those who make answers
to end all my wars,

The dragons live
forever nearby,
searching to give,
the power to fly
On wings of strident poetry,
walking on winds of strife
and diving through that tapestry,
that man calls life.

By Eric L. Hansen

The Mating-Skyborn

The rush of wings beating against the air,
fill the sky with haunting songs of freedom,
as vast glistening forms dance upon lightning,
colours spinning out in bright prismed array,
blazing within a bluewhite corona shining.

Rain falls in sheets, splashing, laughing,
covering the brilliantly twirling dragons,
as they dance to the thunder's musical notes,
celebrating life and one another, joyfully.

Taloned hands caressing, as they soar, part,
and rush at one another, gently touching.

The crash of a monstrous bolt as they merge,
sunders the luminous sky and damp earth below.

Soaring voices raised in ecstacy and rapture,
as they plummet writhing to the earth, fulfilled,
wrapped within one another's souls soaring.

The earth rushes to greet them, smiling,
until with a gentle snap of powerful wings,
they drift lazily to the entrance of a lair,
still entwined, rumbling purrs deep and soft,
and then they are gone from sight, hidden.

But the glory of their flight is burned,
upon the ether and upon their hearts, forever.

Copyright c1995 Terry Schorer/Quelonzia

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