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The Last Dragon
-Ian Larmont-

Beneath a high mountain,
Inside a dark cave,
A crusty old dragon,
As cold as the grave.

As cold as the high,
Vaulted stone overhead.
As cold as the gold,
That is spilled as his bed.

The last of the dragons.
There will be no more.

And slow beats his heart,
On his glittering store.
The beating gets slower,
As life drifts away.

A hundred more lifetimes
Just pass in a day.

At last a low moan
Where there once was a roar.

The last of the dragons is breathing no more.

"A Dragon Feels Love Tonight"
Copyrightę July 7, 1998
Bloodlightning (Paul Banta)

A Dragon Feels Love Tonight

A dragon feels love tonight,
Tho' his lover's not in sight,
The spark within him still burns bright,
For the one he loves tonight.

He holds himself in fond embrace,
Imagining his lover's face,
His wings wrap 'round his vision's grace,
Though 'tis only empty space.

Though his love is far away,
He prays his lover feels this way,
Sharing dreams that hold at bay,
The loneliness he felt today.

He dips a claw into a pond,
Watching ripples go beyond,
To touch the heart of his sacred bond,
Hoping his lover will respond.

His tail quakes in anticipation,
Of his lover's sweet felicitation,
He waits with ferver'nt desperation,
For their glorious unification.

The dragon hopes the time comes anon,
To taste of the kiss of his companion,
Then his heart sings like a carillon,
The beatific cant of a sweet benison.

But he will wait for eternity,
For his love's not meant to be,
A scheme of his lonely heart this be,
For all but him, 'tis plain to see.

A dragon feels love tonight,
Tho' his lover's not in sight,
The spark within him still burns bright,
But no one's there to love tonight.

- Bloodlightning (Paul Banta)

On Dragons

To those who say that dragons are all cruel,
And by their nature beasts fit to despise:
I say to them, "Happy is he who tries
To think himself and listen not to fools."
To those who say that dragons must be good,
And by their virtue past all men they rise:
I say to them, "Much thanks, your thinking's wise,
But 'must' is much too strong -- try using 'should.'"
To those who say that dragons cannot be,
Who say that fantasy leads to delusion:
... To those who through their eyelids cannot see,
Who use their faith to mask up their confusion:
I've no reply -- They'd listen not to me --
For by their logic, I am an illusion.

Tad Ramspott

Feb. 26, 1995
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Dragon Tad

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