Luvzbluez Dragon Poetry

The Dragoness

From the darkened depths of the shadows, she rises
Swift as the wind, flame-bright, proud as a hawk
The moonlight glittering on her graceful form.
A creature of great mystery and majesty
Beautiful, noble, valiant, and deadly.
Her silver voice can lure men to their doom,
Her brightly shining claws rend flesh and bone.
And the same sculptured fangs that grace her smile
Have charmed beasts into becoming her dinner.
Even her eyes, so full of lovely wisdom
Are mesmerizing, an enchanting trap.
Beware the perilous beauty of the dragon--
And, even as you do, surrender to it.

Amanda M. Hayes
Copyright 1995 by Amanda M. Hayes (c).

Star Dancing

Racing for the sky, I soar,
spinning amongst the stars,
wings wrapped about me,
as I listen to their fluting song.

Their radiant light fills my soul,
shining from my prismed body,
as my dance takes me into
the universe...exploding...
into fragmented points of light,
raining down on mother earth,
in homage.

Copyright c1995 Terry Schorer/Quelonzia

Tears, Growth and Light

Dragons fly across the sky--flaming,
and clouds roil, crying out their woe!
Raining upon the earth, which glowing,
takes the fearful cloud's tears, and 'lo!
Creates a green, verdant carpet--alive,
with dragons romping, playfully nipping
and generally creating laughter in the sky.
Which makes the clouds sing with lightning,
casting a brilliance upon scales agleam.
An eternal circle of tears, growth and light....

Copyright c1995 Terry Schorer/Quelonzia

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