Easter Gifts and Adoptions

I love this plaque Judy thank you

Don't you just love Marshmallow Peeps? yummy
Thanks Judy

The Site Fights Egg

Thank you Judy for my Easter Egg.

The true mirrors in life are not those which
reflect our outer being, but those which reflect
our hearts and souls.
These mirrors are called soul mates.

The Site Fights Spirit Flowers
My First Easter Flower Thanks Judy

The Site Fights Egg
Thanks Judy
This egg is beautiful!!

My Kindred Spirit knows exactly what I like
thank you my dear friend.

Thanks Judy. I need to get going and start flooding
you with gifts, I'm behind. LOL

Thanks Judy You are really out doing yourself!! :o)

Judy made me this Easter Basket at
Copyright 1999 BillyBear4Kids.com

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