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Light a Candle for Peace

Greeting Cards to SendFun Interactions
Annie's Place Cyber Greetings
Somebody Cares Email Cards
Artists Virtual Cards
Leafy Oak Tree Greetings
MichaelAngel's Card Shop
AngelWinks Heavenly Post Cards
Pillow Notes
Missy's Cyber Greetings
Dragon Heart Gift Cards
Blue Mountain Greeting Cards
Faerie Fantasia Cards
Musical Greeting Cards
Ynot Cards
Site Fights Spirit Cards
Castle Mountain Postcards
Zing Cards
Crystal Mountain Cards
Angel Love Notes and Cards
Femy's Virtual Post Cards
Pooh-Piglet Psychometric Profiler
ZigZone--Choose a Puzzle
Touch Me Tender!
Pepsi Memory Madness
Hershey's Memory Game
Perpetual Bubble Wrap
Smile Please
Cyber Kisses
Dance Away
Water Balloon
First Cup of Coffee

Great Things to Send to your Cyber Friends


The Frog
Cyber Friends
Post a Bear Today
Like a Rose Friendship Grows
Online Friends
First Cup of Coffee
Watch the Northern Lights
Autumn Greetings
Internet Compulsion
I Hereby Resign
Pooh Hug
Sunshine Day
Friends to the End
Guardian Angel
Friends are Like Rainbows
Friendship Hug
Butt Prints
Your'e Special
Celestine Vision
Prayers for Allie
Letter from Heaven
Indian version of the 23rd Psalm
If Nobody
Two Days We Should Not Worry
God's Grace
You Can Make a Difference
Day of the Child (The Wall)
In the Eyes of a Child
Power of Sharing Kindness
Autumn's Place
The Hope Network
Tomorrow is Not Promised
Flowers Inspirations
Why Mothers Cry
Make a Difference
Peace from Within

Great Link Pages
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25 Different links within a link

Great Home Pages

Greetings from the Heart
Lori's Garden
Steve's Corner
quintalon 's Home Page
Eakles Family Fun Pages
Blue Eyes Appletts
Urban Legends
Welcome to Suzie's
My Links Pages
From the Tulip Garden
My Misty
Folklore Suite 101
Sandy's Fun Page Links
Angel Fairy Links
Sandy's Fun Pages
Surfing and Stroking
He Walks Beside Us
Richard's World
Women's & Children's Causes
Escape from Reality
Annie's Angel Links
Holli's Triumph Over Tragedy
W.A.R. (Women Against Rape)
Every Time a Bell Rings...
Garden of Light and Hearts
A Mother's Heart
Mumsy's Cookbook
Whispered Lullabies
Tiger Lily's Home
Terri's Place
(Winnie the Pooh)

Ice Princess Realm
Moondust Crystal Cavern
Passionate Journey's
Winnie the Pooh's Hideout
Lady Leigh's Fantasy World
Joella Links
Nite Whispers Dreams
Mystic Moonlites Realm
World of Acadian Rose
Rivendell Adventures
World Of Whitelight
Angel Bug's Place
The Children's Cry
Angels Words to Me
My Own Angels Corner

Graphics, Backgrounds and More

Great Midi Pages

Gran Gran's Graphics
Tassie's Graphics Links
Pansy's Pics
Diana's Sets
Tess's Graphics
Victorian Clip Art and More
Clipart by the Wizard of Draws
Windy's Free Image Gallery
Pro Draw Graphics
Cartoons Graphics
Grapholina's Graphics
Angel's Web Graphics
Marvelicious Bordered Background Sets
Web Therapy
Roxy's Renditions
Wendy's Backgrounds and More
Site Fights Graphics Creation Center
4Free MIDI Music Directory
Angel Midi's
Magical Thoughts Midi's
Hall of Minstrels
Wee One's Favorite Midis
Spyders Empire

Web Page HelpChild Abuse and
Domestic Violence
Symantec AntiVirus Research Center
Joanie's Animated Snowglobe
Wilbur's HTML 3.2
Beginner HTML
META Tag Help
Reclaiming the Wounded
The Inner Journey
Thoughts (Survivors Poetry)
Meditations for Women
Resources and Information
My Experience with Depression
Moments in Time
Holli's Triumph
Lady M's Domain
The Children's Cry
Child Abuse Causes
Welcome to Wonderful Miracles
The 11th Commandent*Colin Raye
Dear Mr. Jesus
Sharing Pain with Teddy
Healing Hopes
National Child Abuse Clearinghouse
Day of the Child 1999

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