Luvz Tribute to
Kahlil Gibran


I love freedom, and my love for true
Freedom grew with my growing knowledge
Of the people's surrender to slavery
And oppression and tyranny, and of
Their submission to the horrible idols
Erected by the past ages and polished
By the parched lips of the slaves.
But I love those slaves with my love
For freedom, for they blindly kissed
The haws of ferocious beasts in calm
And blissful unawareness, feeling not
The venom of the smiling vipers, and
Unknowningly digging their graves with
their own fingers.

Dying for Freedom is nobler than living in
The shadow of weak submission, for
he who embraces death with the sword
Of Truth in his hand will eternalize
With the Eternity of Truth, for Life
Is weaker than Death and Death is
Weaker than Truth

The free on earth builds of his strife
A prison for his own duress,
When he is freed from his own kin,
Is slave to thought and love's caress

Life without Freedom is like a body without a soul, and
Freedom without Thought is like a confused spirit..
Life, Freedom, and Thought are three-in-one,
and are everlasting and never pass away.

Freedom bids us to her table where we may partake of
her savory food and rich wine; but when we sit down at
her board, we eat ravenously and glut ourselves.

You may chain my hands and shackle my feet; you
may even throw me into a dark prison, but you shall not
enslave my thinking because it is free.

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