Thank you for stopping by my Halloween Haunt!!
Scattered around my site you will find 30 buttons
like this one:

When you find them all (and only when you find all of them)
send me an EMAIL with the number on the graphic,
and the url where you found the button.

1. /halloweenhunt.html
OOPS look at that you have already found your 1st one.

Please accept this Graphic for
your Participation in Luvz Halloween Hunt 2006

A Grand Prize Award will be presented to the
first person who sends me an EMAIL (in subject line please put Halloween Hunt) with all the correct locations will win this award:

For all those who participate and get all the
correct answers you will be awarded this:

The First Prize and the Grand Prize will be individualized.

Contest will run through October 30th, 2006

Good Luck ALL!!

Graphics by:

Song playing is:
Great Pumpkin Waltz
by: Vince Guaraldi
Better known as the Linus and Lucy Theme