Have you ever had a dream of something you
wanted to do or accomplish and other's words
or maybe even your own, seemed to tear those
dreams apart to where you just gave up on it?
If you have, which I know I have given up on
many of them from my own as well as others
words, you can pick back up on many of them
and carry them to completion. What a boost to
your hope and self-confidence it would be if
you could dare to go ahead and follow them no
matter what anyone says about your dream. One
of my dreams has been to write. Writing is a
great release for me and I also wanted to
write to try to help others in some way.
I had given up on that dream a long time ago
but I picked it back up and dusted it off
and now I write every day. And hopefully it
brings others hope for their life. You can
do it too. Starting today. I believe in you.
Someday you will be able to believe in
yourself also. It just takes a beginning step.
It is a big step, granted, but I believe in
you and your strength and just know that you
can do it. I'm rooting for you.

ADMITTING YOUR weaknesses is a powerful way to begin
improving them. We usually try to hide things about
ourselves we feel are weak or bad. Some of the things
you have thought, felt or done may make you feel ashamed.
For the sake of positive change, let's take "bad,"
"wrong," and "shame" out of it. These negatives or
weaknesses are the challenges in your life. This is
where the greatest growth and change can take place.
You will discover you are not locked into being these
ways as "I am" becomes "I used to be."

You may have been trying to change things about yourself
that you don't like. It is common for people to get down
on themselves about things they want to change, as if
self-hate would really work. It is time to let go of your
bad feelings about yourself. Everything you have done,
whether good or bad, you have done for a reason. Now you
can begin to understand why you do the things you do.
You have a choice about how to better live your life.
Now is the time to release your guilt and your shame.

The first step toward really changing is accepting yourself
the way you are.

The next step is to become clear about your
problems by telling the truth about them.

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