Luvz Inspirations 2


"Each disappointment is a little death. I let myself feel
each loss and also know the feeling will pass with time."

In the betrayals of my childhood abuse, I encountered major
disappointments. I was repeatedly seduced and abandoned.
I was set up to compete for attention in a way that implied
it was attainable when in fact it was always just out of reach
or hitched up with abuse. Given this atmosphere, I needed to
live on a narrow track, minimizing the possibilities for
feelings to come through. I protectively took the attitude:
"If I expect nothing, I won't get hurt or disappointed."

As I heal and allow my life to become more spacious, I am bound
to encounter disappointement when things don't go my way.
At first I feel devastated beyond what seems appropriate
to the circumstances. It seems as if I am emerging as a spoiled
brat, overly demanding. But if I stay close to my desires
and ackowledge that something did not go as I wanted and that
was a loss to me, the disappointement will pass through
me. I will be left unscathed and with my larger world intact.
I can remain mindful that to experience the now I need not
recycle the past.

From Daybreak:
Meditations for Women Survivors of Sexual Abuse
By Maureen Brady, Copyright 1991


NOTHING SO TIES us to the past as regret.
Think about it. It is almost impossible to
venture forth while facing backward.

But today's reality is what we must accept
and work with. What was is gone. All we can
do in the here and now is to accept it as it
is without rage or blame, without regret or
resentment. All the voting has already been
done that made today be what today is.

Ah, but the future! Tomorrow! That's quite a
different matter. Today we vote for what
tomorrow will be. Today's seeds are tomorrow's
harvest, today's struggle is tomorrow's victory.

When we accept today as it is without regret,
we shuck off the terrible burden of self-pity
with all its "shoulds," "if onlys," and
"what ifs." A thousand "ifs" don't equal a
single "is." When we build on accepted reality,
we build on solid rock.

Now I choose.
From this day forward, the choice is mine!

An excerpt from the book
Days of Healing Days of Joy
Earnie Larsen & Carol Larsen Hegarty


If Grief Has Caused An Empty Place,
Let Love Come In To Fill The Space.
Tragedy Brings You Hurt And Pain,
But Love Can Help You Live Again
An Unkind Word May Cause A Fight,
Let Love Come In And Make It Right

You Disagree And Lose A. Friend,
But Love Can Help You Make A
Sleeping Child Screams Out In Fright,
A Loving Hug Will Calm The Night.

If Grief Has Caused An Empty Place,
Let Love Come In To Fill The Space.
Don't Go Through Life And Fail To See,
That Love Can Change Your Destiny

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