Life is a journey through many terrains

From gardens of pleasure to deserts of pain
From an ocean of love to a jungle of hate
From mountains of glory to canyons of fate
There's a highway for joy and a highway for sorrow
A road for today and a road for tomorrow
So choose your path wisely and walk it with care
If you follow your heart, you'll find your way there
I've been to the garden and planted seeds there
I've been to the desert and felt the despair
I've swum in the ocean and drunk of it's wine
I've ran through the jungle and hung from a vine
I climbed up the mountain to touch the sky
I went to the canyon and started to cry
I've travelled both highways, both today and tomorrow
I've basked in the joy and wallowed in sorrow
My Path has been chosen and I've walked it with care
I followed my heart and I'm on my way there
So I'll just keep walking till I find what I'm after
To mountains and oceans and gardens of laughter

Hiding in the Shadows

In life sometimes we lose our place,
And in our hearts we are left with just an empty space.

We only concentrate on the loneliness and pain,
And a glimpse of our reflection reveals
a person ordinary and plain.

We forget about all the people's lives we have touched,
And instead think that our own life doesn't amount to much.

But it's amazing what the mind hides when the soul is lost,
And how many excuses to avoid achievement that we can exhaust.

For a person such as you harbors so much potential,
But in order for it to flourish self confidence is essential.

You possess charisma and compassion that is shared so
freely, And a radiant beauty that only you cannot see.

And when the time comes and you finally appreciate who you are,
This will be the day the world inherits it's most brilliant star.

So my friend never lose yourself in another's shadow,
Let your own talents and abilities allow you to grow,
And that empty space in your heart will overflow.

~author unknown~

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