Today I Will Cry


I make time for tears when it all gets too much,
When the pain is too bad for too long and such.

Today I will cry.
I will let it all out in a big flood of tears,
I'll rid myself of all these questions and fears.

Today I will cry.
I'm not pretending to be brave and strong,
Today I can't take it, it's gone on too long.

Today I will cry.
God gave me the power to see this flare through,
A relief valve of sorts, it's what I will do.

Today I will cry.

Priceless Things

Life holds so many priceless things
The falling rain--the wind that sings
Each star on a high--a big full moon
And sunbeams dancing in your room
The river as it rushes on
A sunset when day is gone
No wealth can buy a mountain tall
These priceless things belong to all
An autumn tree lends beauty rare
With leaves piled deep most everywhere
As nature wears a glowing smile
to make each day a day worthwhile
Could anything be quite as dear
As laughing children that we hear
The gift of friendship that is ours
The miracle of growing flowers
Each magic moment--treasured time
These priceless gifts are
yours and mine...

Author Unknown

May you know

May you know, in your heart,
that others are always thinking of you.
May you always have rainbows that follow the rain.
May you celebrate the wonderful things about you.
And when tomorrow comes,
may you do it all over again.

May you remember how full of smiles the days can be.
May you believe that what you search for, you will see.
May you find time to smell the flowers,
and find time to share the beauty of you.

May you envision today as a gift,
and tomorrow as another.
May you add a meaningful page to the diary of each new day,
and may you make "living happily ever after . . ."
something that will really come true.

And may you always keep planting the seeds of your dreams.
Because if you keep believing in them,
they'll keep trying their best . . .
to blossom for you.

~ Collin McCarty ~

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