True Spirit from Within

True Spirit
by The Faerie Keeper

From a distant planet called earth,
came gleeful shouts of a rebirth;
Born in his spirit, forgetting his love,
visited by an angel, touched by a dove.

The spirit now lives and shouts on high,
so much laughter the spirits just sigh;
A sign from one or two for you and me,
something which we can not always see.

But feel, feel deep within our heart,
trying, trying to do our wee part;
Touched by his healing hand are we,
just share true spirit and all will see.

Poem from my Friend

If I would have lived but a thousand years,
no greater friendship would never be found.

Your thoughts, your cheers, your letters are all treasured.
Your continued presence in my little world is required,
for you give me a special strength to venture into the day.

What more can I say!
Perhaps a poem for you my dear and wonderful friend.

Kindness comes in many forms,
like changing a tire in a storm;
Perhaps on an occasion you say,
kindness received you should repay.

But on with your life, another day,
that act of kindness you will repay;
Someday may never come your way,
and then what will you possibly say?

The some days of our lives are today,
and kindness is returned each day;
Our conclusion is really the only way,
that kindness also comes to us each day

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