Heartache of Love


She wondered how long she would cope...
With the pain in her heart,
The pain he brought unto her...
With his selfishness and games...
His thoughtless "love" for her
And for the other girl,
She wondered to herself,
If he cared for one more than the other...
She thought back to the times...
She kissed him so lovingly,
She yelled at herself for kissing him so blindly,
Not being able to see his wandering eyes,
She tries so hard to put his lies and cheating games
behind her,
Yet she doesn't think she can...

Written by: Flcutiy


Your bound and broken on your knees
And crying on the floor,
For he walked out and left you there
And said you were no more,
You thought that he would be the one
To make your dreams come true,
But then he said he wanted space
He found somebody new,
So tell me where does this leave a heart
So filled with love and joy,
For he tossed it around and threw it out
Like an old beat up broken toy....

Written by: Lovesbugnu

" Thoughtlessness"

A little bit of hatred
can spoil a score of years
And blur the eyes that ought to smile
with many needless tears.

A little bit of thoughtlessness
and anger for a day.
Can rob a home of all its joy
and drive delight away.

A little bit of shouting
in a sharp and vicious tone
Can leave a sting that will be felt
when many years have flown.

And just one hasty moment
of ill temper can offend
And leave an inner injury
the years may never mend.

It takes no mental fiber
to say hard and bitter things;
it doesn't call for courage
to employ a lash that stings.

And cruel words and bitter
any fool can think to say,
But the hurt they leave behind them
takes years to wipe away.

Just a little bit of hatred robs
a home of all delight,
And leaves a winding trail of wrong
that time may never right.

For only those who are happy
and keep their peace of mind,
Who guard themselves from hatred
and words that are unkind!

~Edgar A. Guest~

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