Painful Memories

Quiet Emotions
by Judy Burnette

I always wanted more from you
than you were willing to give;
So now we've gone our separate ways
each with different lives to live.

The bond will always be there
the friendship always intact;
But the time for us has come and gone
and the pages of time, you can't turn back.

I will always be a friend to you
and wonder how you are;
The smiles and laughter I will remember
and our fights have become painless scars.

Sometimes on those busy days
when you've a thousand things to do;
Please let me glide slowly through your mind
and spend some time with you.

In that quiet moment
when you're surprised to find me there;
Just remember even with the distance between us
I am still someone who cares.

Is It Too Late?
by Lara Gerard

So many times I thought of that day,
When you held my hand
And I walked away.

The pain in your eyes burned through me then
When I close my eyes now, I see it again.

A love so young, so unbridled and raw
Being trapped and confused was all that I saw

How could I know what I feel today
When I closed the door on your heart
And walked away?

Years went by and we both moved along
While part of my heart was still singing your song.

Then I saw you again
And now I can see
The same eyes, the same heart
Looking right back at me.

You hold me so close, Iím afraid to let go.
To lose you again? How do I know?

But here you are now,
And youíre with someone new
Does she hold you and kiss you
And feel like I do?

Faced with the options
You know you must choose
Will it work with us this time
Or, will we lose?

Is it all about timing?
Or all about fate?
Together again?
Or is it too late?

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