Love and Friends

My Friend
by Kim Crow

You are my friend,
trusted and true;
And this is for everything
and all that you do.

When the light seems so far
and times are so low,
You reach out your hand
to give me a place to go.

When I find I can't make it
and the mountain's too high,
You give me your wisdom
and help me to try.

You've given me hope
in times of despair.
You do this for me,
because I know you care.

You make me laugh
when there are no smiles,
Even though we're separated
by the miles.

So let me tell you this,
My Friend,
If you ever need me,
I'm here 'til the end.

I give you my love
my hand and my heart,
And from your friendship
I'll never part.

For everything
and all that you do,
I want you to know
I'll do the same for you.

So, when your days are black
and your nights are long,
And it seems like
everything will go wrong ~

I'm there by your side
you're never alone.
I'll be there for you
to help lead you home.

So, My Friend,
as you can see;
You're very special,
especially to ME! ! !

Missing You,
by Rudd Stephon

Over the last few months I've lived
I've struggled dealing with separation
For the past I wished one would give
Me the ability to provide communication
To you not visually on white paper
Or week by week awaiting your arrival
But audibly is the right type of flavor
Missing you, there's no room for denial
Pictures cannot contain your true beauty
Photographs rarely obtain enough words for comfort
Disturbing me tossing and turning me
Thinking of you cannot be aborted
Explosion, eruption, lava flows with deduction
The element which it needs
For its pathway of destruction
The heat is much needed
Like my association with you
To unleash and release
Devotion followed through
You are always in my heart
Constantly there on my mind
For missing you is a landmark
Where true love is divine