Love at a Distance

My Love
by Wingsong

He that to my heart is dear
Has left with the morning dew
But will return with the morning new
To rap his arms around me and hold me near

There's no place like home
And my home is in his arms
Safe from all harms
That may strike while I am alone

With him my heart learned to love
My soul learned to cry
So it hurts me so to say goodbye
To my angel sent from above

He taught me about two becoming one
He showed me life and beauty
And now I feel it's my duty
To keep my life warm with his sun

Only good feelings does he release
Though his love comes from a far
Beneath the silver evening star
And brings with it love and peace.

His live is rightly harmonized
From feelings or thoughts untrue
Which could never make less beautiful the blue
Of the unclouded heavens in his eyes.

And without his soul which tells not a lie
And his spirit wings
Which shade enchanted things
I will cease to live and surely die.

The Fae Dream

Ever were my eyes upon thee;
Your beauty surpassed the roses you tended.
Never had a fairy shown so much concern,
So much compassion.

I gazed from a distance,
Silently worshipping you.
You were the envy of all;
A lost angel, come to earth.

Eventually, my glances were reciprocated;
Your divine eyes met with mine . . .
A moment of quickening -
I then understood that I belonged to you.

I introduced myself, smiling with adoration,
Tenderly embracing thee, my sister in flight.
You, the fae goddess, shined upon me in that hour,
And I knew that you were also mine.

I then spoke, asking you to dine with me,
You hesitated a moment;
I was still a stranger . . .
And yet you knew that it was not your decision.

Our wine was the sparkling dew of rosebuds,
Held up by its petals
We ate by the light of fireflies
As the gentle wind softly serenaded us with nature's symphony.

Eventually, the evening drew to an end,
And in a brief moment of wonder,
We left the angels smiling
As we shared a kiss . . .

- Michael Meservy
1999 Michael-Forest Meservy