Love Erotic

It's raining!
I look through the raindrops on my eyelashes
directly into his big green eyes and he smiles.

My heart begins to beat faster,
as if some unknown force
is driving me to him.

It's raining!
The droplets hit my cheeks and my face flushes
with the cold of the weather and he takes my hand.

His touch spreads a warmth
through my body and soul
pulling me closer to him.

It's raining!
My clothing is clinging to me
as I slowly begin running my fingers
through his wet hair and he kisses me.

His lips linger on mine,
my entire body sets fire
making me want him.

It's raining!
My body is hot now, drenched with my warm wetness
and the hard cold rain and he brings me to him.

His love embraces me,
as I give all to him
making two become one.

Submitted by: KITTYLOV4U

Oh, How I Miss Thee

Oh, how I miss thee
so poignant my plight
I turn to dark prose
just to suffer the night.

Enveloped in feelings
and shrouded in need
somehow in these stark words
my urgencies freed.

All that I am
I have found me in you;
all that has meaning
lies within thee too.

All that I pursue
and e'er all I know;
all that has purpose
lies in your heart's glow.

Sequestered in silence
embattled in want;
thy memories sweet torment
I plead for thy haunt.

Desire races through me
I shudder with bliss
I tremble with longing
for thy tender kiss.

The clandestine flavor
lies still on my lips;
sweet nectar of passion
unsatiable sips.

Affluent seduction
in each other's arms;
the fantasy linger
I yearn for thy charms.

Others may covet
this love that we share;
these intense emotions
an aura we wear.

But what good this knowledge
this wisdom arcane;
when yet my heart hungers
my soul screams thy name.

Oh, how I miss thee
but yet still I know
in longing lies pleasure
and these feelings flow

Like sweet golden honey
so fresh from the comb
unknownest to me before
I called thee my own.

(c) CsNDsist - Dave A

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