My Story Two


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My Story Two

My next story is more painful and more graphic,
I remember most, but some parts are still missing.

The summer of my 6th year was bad, mom was gone, and my
Aunt was here to cook and clean the house.

My Father bathed me often, he let his soapy hands slide around
our private parts, he would also call us in from the play area
to undress me in the empty house, and then
with hurried injunctions not to tell, he sent me out
to play.

When he called me this time, he took the dog (who loved
and protected us) and locked him in the kitchen.
His hands undressing me this time were harsh
and angry, his voice abrupt and vicious.
I was scared and questioned him. With a harsh slap
he silenced me. I was use to the abuse in
that household but not to this strange behavior

With no words and no warning, he spread my legs and entered me
my screams started the dog barking, and gun shots
rang out he shot the dog. I must have passed out
because my next memory isof the sunlit garden
through the windows, and the sound of kids playing

My memories here are sketchy, I only remember pain

When he was through with me, he dropped me on the floor
like a discarded dishrag. Then with the belt in hand
he began beating me, when the belt stopped it's endless
rise and fall, he took me in the bedroom, redressed
me in the same play clothes, and put
me in to bed with a strict injunction to stay there.
I know that I fell asleep crying, as I tried to
comfort myself with the rag doll my mom made me.

When we awoke it was black in the room and I could hear
the hum of voices in the house. I began crying
again and apparently that attracted attention.
Finally my aunt and grandma opened the door
and flicked on the light, when we heard their frantic
cry, I looked at her and followed her eyes to
the blood soaked bed.

To this day I remember them turning to my father
who was standing behind them in the doorway, saying,
"What have you done to her?"

The next thing I remember is being in the hospital and
the sight of a transfusion dripping into my arm
A man dressed in white and standing over me was
asking my aunt and grandma what had happen to me.
They answered they didn't know. The man's voice
became rough and angry, it startled us, and we began to cry.
He instantly bent down to me and said with such
tenderness it's all right little one, we're
all going to take care of you. As I felt
a needle going into my arm, I heard him say somebody
did this to her.

We spent several weeks in the hospital, and several
people came to ask me how did you get hurt?
Knowing what would happen if I told, the truth, I
lied, by this time we were pretty confused about what
had happen

When it was time for us to go home, the man told our
father that somebody, did a lot of damage, to her, and that
she would never be the same, we can't prove anything
but we will be watching you.

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