Poem's of Life's Embrace 2

Come Home My Love

As each hour passes,
you are with me,
in my thoughts,
in my actions
and in my heart.
The time seems so long now
since our sad farewell.
How could we ever part?

You were my light, my angel,
my eternal soul.
I was your comfort,
your haven, when times
were cold.
When we were together
there was nothing we
couldn't do.
Now, the hours seem endless
since I last saw you.

Come home my love
to my open arms.
Where we will comfort
each other from this
world of harm.
Together we are fearless,
together we are whole.
My light, my angel,
my eternal soul.

Copyright 1998


Quietly, in the darkness, drifting in dreams,
Glittering stars chase endless moon beams
And while the moon crosses the velvet black sky,
Thoughts of you in my mind, in sleep I sigh.
Drifting away in deepening silence, the night,
Your arms steal around me, holding me tight.
We are so far apart, but our souls touch so near
Barely a whisper, in dreams, your gentle voice I hear.
Comes the dawn, I awaken, unfolds a new day,
Iíve been Drifting in Dreams the whole night away.
The morning sun rises, Roses kissed by the dew,
Iíve been Drifting in Dreams... just Loving You

Everlasting Love

whisper, my love, tell me your secrets...
tell me your desires.

I long to hear you to touch you to lay with you.

I long to feel your breath on my cheek as we dance
away on the sand in the fires warm glow.

You can see the sparkle in my big brown eyes.
You see the love I have for you as you hold my hand.

We can hear the ocean and the sounds of the frogs as
we make love in the moonlight dancing on our skin.

You touch my hear you calm my soul you hold me tight

I whisper, ďdonít ever let goĒ.

I feel your desire touch my love nest
lay me down in the cool night mist.

Lay with me for your lips I long to kiss.

Love me forever, for I love you.

In the morning we will rise...
to face the reality of our separate lives.

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