Poem's of Life's Embrace 3

Here I am

Here I am, donít you see?
I am waiting for you patiently.
Here I am, you havenít noticed me yet.
It is you I cannot forget.
You are always on my mind...
I keep wondering if I will
forget you in time?
Time is one thing I feel I am running out of.....
It is you I wish to be with and to love.
I am here when you need a shoulder...
with you I want to grow older.

You come to me when youíre hurt...
you go back to her with a flip of her skirt.
I donít know how much more I can take...
It is the love and life with you I want to partake.

Is It Destiny

We came together just
by chance.
Could it be destiny?
We weren't ready for
this romance.
Why now destiny?

Who is this person
they call "Fate",
can he be knocking at
our door?
Sometimes he brings love,
sometimes it is hate.
He get's the blame
what ever the score.

Are you one and the same,
Upsetting our lives what
ever your name.
If you are destiny
or if you are fate,
you can leave now before
it's to late.
Goodbye destiny.

He just won't leave.
What can we say?
He say's not to tempt him.
So, get out of his way.

If he says it's so,
then it is meant to be,
me with you and you with me.
Thank you destiny.

Copyright 1998


As we search throughout
life's journey
For the never ending road
Our life is slipping by us
as each moment we go

Looking for the answers to
why we are here
While all the time the answer
is lying so near

We are here for each other
To make the journey dear
To cling to our togetherness
As our time draws near

For as the road ends
As surely it will
All remains are our memories
That our journey did fill

The reflection of faces
Instilled upon our mind
The journey was well worth
our moment in time.

Copyright 1998

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