Poem's of Life's Embrace 4

In Lonely Silence

In lonely silence...
I get to know myself better
In the darkness, before sunrise
Look to the stars and reflect on the beauty

In lonely silence...
I can hear the voices from the past
Listen for the voices yet to come.

In lonely silence...
Dream of the future
The past is behind me...Learn from it and move on.

In lonely silence...
I can smell the fresh flowers bloom
Feel the magic of the warm sun beginning
to rise to a new day.

In lonely silence..
Make this day the new beginning...
Make it not be as lonely, I pray each day.

I will have the one I love surround
My life with endless ecstasy.

Here I am dreaming again...
In lonely silence.

Look inside my heart
and you will find a secret place
reserved for you
and you alone...

Look inside my soul
and you will feel my love
washing in waves over every moment
of our sharing...

Look inside my thoughts
and you will see silver stars
dancing our names across the heavens...

Look inside my life
and you will know
that love has etched your name
on my very soul.

My True Love

'Tis said it is better
to have loved and lost
than never to have
loved at all.
How wronged can a
broken heart feel,
How lonely can an empty
soul be.
Once it's love is
rejected and washed out
in a sea, of tears.

To think of never
loving you it makes
my soul cry.
To have never heard
your voice
my heart would have
never known tenderness.

To me each day of loving
you was a blessing.
To have never had you
in my life
I would have never known
your warmth and compassion.
I would have never known
my real love, my only love,
my light.

Copyright 1998

On Angel's Wings

On angel's wings
I will carry you
I will never let you fall
I'll be waiting here for you
Whenever you should call.

My love for you is endless
I'll be forever true
My affection knows no limits
My heart was made for you.

I will never take from you
What you don't freely give
And I will let you find your way
Within the life you choose to live.

I will always be your listening ear
Your lover, & your friend
I will never disappoint you
On me, you can depend.

So, if ever you should be in fear
Of what the future brings
I will take you high above
On my angel's wings.

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