Poem's of Life's Embrace 6

Upon the Face of the Man I Love

I once looked upon the
face of a stranger.
When I saw a friend I
had known for eternity.
His face was kind and
His smile glowing with
His spirit was free.

My heart paused briefly.
I felt the chill of the
night upon my face.
Who was this man?
Why did I want him?
Why did I need his

I knew once I first
saw him
ours was not to be a
brief affair.
I knew somehow our
lives were innertwined
when I first saw him

Though my glance was
only a brief one.
Ours was not a meeting
by chance.
Fate had brought us
Destiny intended this

At once it came to me.
Why his eyes seemed
known to mine.
We had been one before.
perhaps, in another
life time.

The look so kind and
upon his face so dear
Was a mere reflection of
the love I hold so near.

Yes, I once looked upon
the face of a stranger.
'Tis not a stranger
any more.
'Tis the face of the man
I love In this life time

When you first came into my life...
I had no idea how easy you would be to talk to,
and I never imagined that our early conversations
would grow into such a strong friendship.

I never suspected that we'd discover
so many common interests and values,
or that I could ever enjoy simple pleasures
as much as when they are shared with you.

I never thought we'd have so many
warm and happy times together,
or that your compassion would help so much
to ease me through the rougher times.

I didn't expect to feel so soon
as though I'd known you forever,
or to trust you so easily
with my secrets and deepest feelings...

I never thought that your support could make
such a difference,
that your encouragement
would bring my dreams closer,
make my successes sweeter
and my losses easier to accept.

I never imagined that I would grow
to want,
to need,
and to love you so much.

When you first came into my life,
I never dreamed you'd soon be someone
whom I couldn't live without.

Without A Touch

I love you on a feather bed,
woven from a web of words unsaid.
Touching you with thoughts slowly scrolling up a screen--
sweet mesmerizing murmurs never spoken, only seen.
My hands caress cool plastic keys,
a wistful want for softer ecstasies.
I type my tongue between your thighs
waiting for your silent cries.
New Roman fonted fingertips
trace my dreams of moist rose lips.
I sit frozen staring at the screen-
while your words glimmer with a warm wet sheen.
What wonderous intimacy you give to me
when you kiss my soul with lips I cannot see.

Copyright 1998

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