Poem's of Life's Embrace 7

Without You

When I came to you
I had nothing.
Then you offered
me your heart,
and I had everything.
I could feel your soul
within mine,
my life had meaning.

You became my reason
for being.
You were my dawn in
the morning,
you were my single star
on a clear night.

You were the scent
of roses in the garden.
You made my life
as fresh as the air after
a spring rain,
you made me alive.

Without you I feel empty.
My morning is without
it's dawn.
My night without
it's star.
My soul has no
companion without
your love.

Together we are
apart we are nothing.
Together we have meaning,
together we are one.

Copyright 1998.

You Turned Me Away

I came to you with my heart in my hands
But you turned me away
I'm trying so hard to understand
Why you turned me away
Was I too tender and caring
or was you too harsh and bold
Was my love so real that
it scared you
Into running away in the cold

You said our love can not be real
So you turned me away
You said you did not know how to feel
So you turned me away

Can you see my heart breaking
As you speak these words to me
Can you see my tears falling
As you turned away from me
I offered you my life
But you turned me away
I would leave everything for you
But you can turn me away

What else can I offer you
But my heart and my soul
They are all I own freely
They are yours entirely
Please, don't turn me away.

Copyright 1998


You stir the fire in my soul,
awakening my deepest desires,
my heart yearning to be heard,
my eyes searching for the truth.
Your comforting arms to hold me,
protect me and keep me safe.
Your voice so warm and tender,
every word etched in my mind
and stored in my heart.
Your touch igniting my passions,
caressing me with your loving whispers.
Your kiss a raging storm,
enshrouding me in your thunder.
Your passionate love sweeping us away,
where time stands still and utter
ecstasy flows.
I close my eyes, my heart and soul
consumed by you,
my lover, my friend, my soulmate,

Copyright 1997-2001.
All Rights Reserved.
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expressed written permission of the author.