Are you ready to put on a "New Face"?

This contest will be very easy so everyone
can join in on the fun

Take a pumpkin and decorate it

You can add anything you want to it

Eyes, Ears, Nose, Hats, Wings, Feet, Lips
anything you want
Let you imagination run wild

There are no limits on how many pumpkins you can do
within reason of course. If you want to do 3 or 4
that would be GREAT

When you get you pumpkin decorated send it to me
Teena I will put them all up
on this page, and then on October 29th
we will vote for them, so please have all your entries
to me no later than 10 PM (Central Time)
on the 28th

We will vote on October 29th and 30th
and on the 31st, we will reveal the winner

Luvzbluez Angel Webrings