My life is so filled with divine blessings,
I can't even begin to count them all.
Dear Heavenly Father, you have showered me
with grace and gifts, that I cannot begin
to comprehend. I humbly thank You, for the
glorious sunshine that cascades down the
hillside in a torrent of light, for the
rainbow that spans the sky with colour,
for the magic of the moon-lit night, for
the solemn stillness of an ancient woodland,
for the whiteness of a fresh snowfall.

I will ever stand in awe of the beauty of
Your Creation. I thank You for my daily
bread, for plentiful food, for the running
water that I too often take for granted.

Thank you for books, for music,
for the internet that have so vastly opened
up my life to new experiences. Thank you
for my education, for the skills I've learned,
for a place at university.

Thank you for pleasant dreams, for moments of
calm in a turbid world, for freedom to pray.
Thank You for guidance through life, for signs
of hope, for unexpected blessings. Thank! You
for the sound of laughter, for absurdly amusing
moments, for Your wonderful sense of humour.

Thank You above all for the love and companionship
of family, friends and angels. I can never.....
thank You enough!...Lois

Happy Thanksgiving to All!