Being a member of the True Believers WebRing
I welcome you cordially to the page where you'll
find my version of the True Believers Award:

The above award will be animated when u receive it

It is meant for those of you who have web pages that
are devoted to Fairies, Angels, Poetry and most
perferably the Prevention of Child Abuse and
Domestic Violence. I'd like to see at least some original
things which are made by YOU.
I would also like to see at least one
cause that you are devoted to rather it be
Child abuse, or a certain disease, something
that is close to your heart

I'm looking for non-profit
family-friendly pages which are an intellectual gain
for everyone.

To win that very special award your pages will have to
qualify by showing that you passionately believe in
what you do. You'll also have to qualify as a person by
showing that you didn't just come here to apply for another
award, and therefore I ask you to answer one of the questions
related to my Personal Home Pages which you can
link to see below.

When I created my True Believers Award I was inspired
by Denny Lancaster (Lancaster's Laughing Place) who
gave me his wonderful True Believers Award which is
proudly shown on this page. He was the one who
encouraged me to offer my own True Believers Award and
to join the True Believers WebRing. I'm very happy
that he did. And I want to encourage you to surf through
the web ring which is very special too.

These are the questions one of which I'd like you to answer:

1. On my tribute pages I have one poem in particular that I love.
Can you Name it?

2. What can you do as an individual to help a child
who has been abused?

3. Who is Leanne Sidhe?

4. The next is not a question, but do you have an
inspiration story of a survivor of abuse, or maybe a
special poem that you have written. If it touches my heart,
I will post it on my Child Abuse and Domestic Resource Page,
and this will make you eligible to win my special
True Believers Award.

5. On one of the Tribute pages there is one particular
poem that I speak about how important the words are
and how we should live by them.
What is the name of that poem? and
How can you live by these words?

A True Believers Award is not necessarily intended for
only those pages that are about fairies or angels, but a
True Believer is someone who feels passionately about
a particular subject. If you think you qualify please
apply for the award.


Ring Objectives

Those who seek acceptance into the True Believers Web Ring must
themselves have been awarded a True Believers Award.
Each of the sites within the ring in turn offers a
True Believers Award within a section of their web
site for their award winners. Thus, we are united in a common
goal of remaining true to the teachings of The Faerie Mother and The Keeper.

True Believers Award Winners who wish to become members
of the Web Ring may request a personalized "Presented to"
version of the award by mail to  The Fairy Keeper or to  The Faerie Mother
- We encourage each member to develop their own True Believers
Award which would be approved by the Ring Committee
prior to placement on the member's site.
The Web Ring html code and graphic are to be placed in
a section of the members site with no alterations or additions.

What a Wonderful Surprise it was to win the very
Prestigious Brocks Forge Award. To learn more about
this award click on it and it will take you to the site
Thank You Denny and Kitten

August 1999

Brocks Forge Award Monthly Voting True Believer Award Winners on Member Web Sites

Congratulations Amy Brown

This site within the True Believer's Webring belongs to The Faerie Mother

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I received Judy's True Believers Award on 3/4/2000
It is my great pleasure and honor to present my dear
friend, Teena, with my "True Believers Award" for
being a true believer in life and all the infinite
possibilities that are waiting for the asking.
All the good things in life I ask for her.
Much love and Many Angel Blessings,
Your kindred spirit,
Judy {{{{{hugz}}}}}

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